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Helmets are the second important item in Equipment. They provide less defence than Armors, but helmets are cheaper and more common than Legs with the same armor value.

Most low-level Players use Soldier Helmet, middle-levels Warrior Helmet or Crown Helmet (especially mages because of it's low weight) and high-levels use Royal Helmet or Demon Helmet which is part of Rare Set.

The strongest helmet is the Golden Helmet, also known as the Helmet of The Stars (HOTS).

The strongest helmet in Rookgaard, the newbie island, is the Legion Helmet.

Helmets Editar

Nombre Nivel Profeción
Apock 400 Assassin Alchemist Assassin Alchemist
Over Nightwish 393 Freezer Mage Freezer Mage
Pitbulls 392 Assassin Alchemist Assassin Alchemist
Scorpionrojo 380 Freezer Mage Freezer Mage
Zaus 378 Dark Wizard Dark Wizard
Script'kiddie 377 Freezer Mage Freezer Mage
Gatox 365 Freezer Mage Freezer Mage
Zelika 364 Assassin Alchemist Assassin Alchemist
Flash Mage 360 Freezer Mage Freezer Mage
Chicasexi 358 Dark Wizard Dark Wizard